Elevator banks were completely transformed from a dark dated blue, to a bright clinical white. Each floor incorporated an inspirational quote by medical visionaries and large floor numbers flanked the elevator banks to offer a graphic moment of Rush Green.

Wayfinding solutions were developed to help navigate the building in the elevator banks and throughout the hallways.

The lobby, entrances and segues to the hospital were also carefully considered featuring brand and building idendification.

To bring the brand outside, large murels were installed over blacked out windows used for mechanicals and craft services.

The bookstore was reimagined to bring out the brand and school pride. Street-level windows provided opportunities for new materials and layering of graphics with hanging banners and translucent vinyl.


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Rush University



Scott Gundersen, VP, Design Director

Deanna Stallsmith, ECD, Copy

Carol McCarthy, Client Partner

Lameis Dromgoole, Account Director

Collin Koetz, Senior Designer

John Masuga, Designer

Printer/Installer: Colorphonic